Lumbar Epidural Injection

Where is the epidural space?
There is a fluid-filled sac that covers the spine cord called the dura. The space that surrounds the dura is called the epidural space, and it is filled with fat and small blood vessels. This space runs the entire length of your spine.

What is a lumbar epidural steroid injection?
An epidural steroid injection is a common type of injection that is given to provide relief from certain types of pain. An anti-inflammatory steroid medication and local anesthetic is injected into the space. Since the epidural space runs throughout your spine, medication injected in this area moves freely up and down the spine. The steroid agent shrinks swelling around the nerve roots and the local anesthetic numbs the inflamed areas and relaxes the muscles around the space. To ensure proper placement of the medication, the procedure will be performed under x-ray (fluoroscopy).

What is the purpose of the Lumbar epidural steroid injection?
To threat low back and leg pain that may be due to inflammation of the vertebral disc and/or nerves. However, it will not correct the medical problem causing the inflammation, but may improve the level of pain you are experiencing. It is not unusual to need more than one injection to obtain long term benefit. These injections are done in a series of three, usually a month apart if needed.