Lumbar Facet Injection

What is a lumbar facet?
Lumbar facet joints are small joints about the size of the thumb nails located in pairs on the back of the spine. They provide stability and guide motion in the lower back. If the joints become painful, they may cause pain in the low back, abdomen, buttocks, groin or legs.

What is a lumbar facet joint injection?
Used as a diagnostic tool, the injection confirms that a facet joint is the source of your pain. An anti-inflammatory steroid medication and local anesthetic is injected into the inflamed joint. The steroid agent shrinks the swelling and the local anesthetic numbs the inflamed area and relaxes the muscles around the facet joint. To ensure proper placement of the medication, the procedure will be performed under x-ray.

What is the purpose of the lumbar facet injection?
To treat low back, abdomen, buttock, groin or leg pain that may be due to inflammation of a facet joint. By doing the injection, the inflammation can be reduced therefore alleviating your pain. Although not designed for permanent relief, we may repeat the injection to confirm your pain is originating from the joints of your spine before proceeding with the next treatment option.