Spinal Cord Stimulator Sheet

Please review the informational DVD/VHS that was given to you at your appointment. Write down any question that you may want to ask your physician.

You will need to see a Pain psychologist before the prior authorization process can begin. Insurance companies require for two specific tests to be done (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory II and Multidimensional Pain Inventory).

The psychological evaluation will be reviewed once it has been received.

After the review, your office notes, operative reports and the psychological evaluation will be submitted to your insurance company for prior authorization.

Once the authorization has been received you will be contacted to set up the trial and post operative appointments.

If the trial has 50% or greater of pain relief then the prior authorization process for the implant will be submitted. This could take another four weeks to obtain authorization.

Implant will be scheduled once the authorization has been received.

Once authorization has been received for the permanent placement you will need to set up a Pre – operative visit with your primary care physician, and you will also need to have blood work. Please make sure to let the office know if you have a history of heart problems as you will need to have an EKG prior to having the surgery.

Please feel free to contact me or one of the Medical Assistants if you have any questions at any time.