This man has taken me in and treated me like is own. He has helped me realize that I was letting my pain consume me. I was not in a good place. While all the pain is not gone, I feel as though I am finally in charge of it. His firm but loving and caring way along with tremendous patience is what it took to make me understand that it was controlling me and taking over my life. I am now in a great place and learning how to enjoy my life again. Thank you Dr. Ghaleb and your wonderful staff for what you have done for me. I firmly believe The Lord placed me in your care and I will be forever grateful! 05/26/2014

Diana Jewell Adaire

I went to Dr. Ghaleb after my 3rd back surgery. The first 2 surgeries after healing I had no back pain however after my 3rd I could not shake the sciatic nerve pain. I was taking lots of pain meds and hated the feeling of pain meds not to mention it didn’t give me much relief. After 4 months of suffering my neurosurgeon referred me to Dr.Ghaleb. Within one month of seeing him I am almost nearly pain free and rarely have to take pain meds. Mainly have trouble with fronts coming in now. He does epidural steriod injections in his office and although they hurt when getting them they have helped me to finally get some much needed relief. I’m able to be a mom and wife again instead of feeling like a 60 year old woman barely getting around. His staff is great and are so very friendly. I’m very thankful to have found Dr.Ghaleb. If I rupture my disc again I will see him and try to intervene without surgery!! He is AWESOME!!! 11/15/2013 

Angela Marie Stewart

Dr. Saleem is very compassionate physician and I am really happy that he is treating my chronic long suffering pain condition. God bless him. 09/08/2013


Great and professional doctor. 08/29/2013


The clinic is very clean. Staff is very courteous and Doctor spend his time to talk to me about my pain condition. I would recommend Dr Saleem to my family members.

I cannot thank Dr. Saleem enough for providing extra ordinary care. I was very high doses of pain medications, he changed my meds and explained to me that why I was hurting so much even though I was taking such a high amount. He also did several injection in my lower back that did help for few months, then he placed spinal stimulator in my back and that has really helped me a lot. It continues to help me. I have a control to what program I can chose for my pain. This device is extraordinary. I am thankful to the doctor for taking care of me so well.

This doc has really helped me. I had many epidural injections done in the past and had back surgery was done as well, but still i was getting horrible back pain all the time. I saw the doc first time and he educated me about my conditions and what should be the real expectations. He was very thorough and I was so impressed with his professional behaviour. Doc did the injection through my tail bone and I really has good pain relief. I will not allow anyone else except Dr. Saleem to do injections on my back.